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Milwaukee Transmission Rebuild & Repair

New Transmission and Repair Services

At Trans – X – Press, we specialize in reliable transmission care. Our mechanics focus on new transmission installations, transmission rebuilds, and transmission repairs. With over 30 years of experience in transmission services, our skilled technicians know how to work with most makes and models using modern mechanical equipment and tools. Our low prices attract our customers and our friendly customer service, quality labor, and exceptional value bring referrals. Call us at (414) 527-4040 for a free estimate on your transmission services.

Our services include:

Our commitment to your satisfaction is only secondary to our dedication to superior work on your vehicle. We understand the importance of transportation for work and leisure and promise to have you back on the road as soon as possible. Don’t wait for your transmission to get worse, we can help you resolve the problem quickly and effectively before it becomes dangerous and expensive.

Professional Transmission Services

Cars and trucks can be complicated machinery for the average driver. Most vehicle owners depend on their car’s dashboard system to alert them to mechanical problems. However, older vehicles lack this technology and even current models can have faults in the electrical. Our knowledgeable staff can troubleshoot tribulations without an electrical indication.

Bring your car into our professionals if:

  • Rough shifts
  • Leaking fluids
  • Whirling sound
  • Refusal to shift gears
  • Change in engine pitch
  • Difficulty getting up to speed
  • Delayed/paused engagement
  • ‘Check Engine’ light illuminated
  • Clunk or thud noise while shifting
  • Gears slip or change for no reason

Come in today before small repairs become expensive replacements. Our technicians are available for cost-efficient transmission repairs and rebuilds as well as affordable new transmission installations. Speak with our experts to find out which service is best for your transmission needs. Call us at (414) 527-4040 for a free estimate or to find out more about our transmission services.

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  • Our prices attract the customers and our service and value bring referrals.
  • We have over 30 years of experience.
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