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Transmission Installations, Rebuilds, & Repairs

At Trans – X – Press, part of our customer service means providing our customers with meaningful knowledge about their transmission needs. We will always provide honesty information and dependable service suggestions. To help you sort through some of the mechanical confusion, below are questions we hear and answer often.

What is involved in a transmission rebuild?

Your transmission is disassembled for inspection of worn and/or damaged parts. Broken hardware is replaced as well as new bands, clutches, gaskets, and seals. Your entire transmission is cleaned as it is reassembled to factory specifications.

How are transmissions repaired?

With hundreds of parts, transmission inspections require disassembly for accurate assessment. Modern advances in the automotive industry have computerized vehicles with electronic systems that require special diagnostic equipment as well. Our qualified transmission mechanics and technicians are well trained in both traditional and modern practices of transmission repair.

How long does transmission installations, repairs, and rebuilds take?

At Trans – X – Press, we understand the importance of having reliable transportation and will finish transmission services as promptly as possible. Often, minor repairs can be completed the same day, provided parts are readily available. Major repairs might take a few days, also depending on available parts. Specially ordered parts will add additional time for delivery.

Ways to extend the life of your transmission include:

  • Consistent transmission fluid checks
  • Fix small problems before they escalate
  • Routine transmission services every 30,000 miles
  • Maintain your external coolers to avoid overheating

Our mechanics and technicians are available to address any of your transmission concerns. Highly trained and extremely skilled, our team at Trans – X – Press is dedicated to providing you with top quality work that meets your satisfaction. Feel free to give us a call today with your specific questions at (414) 527-4040.

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