Milwaukee Transmission Rebuild & Repair

Replacing Worn Parts and Conducting Routine Services

To rebuild your transmission, Trans - X - Press mechanics will remove the transmission from your automatic or standard vehicle, disassemble the hard parts for cleaning and inspection, replace damaged and worn parts, and reassemble with new soft parts like bands and seals. Our team will replace components on transmissions that need specific repairs while also checking for down-the-road problems. We inform you of their options and will always give valued suggestions.

Some ways to maintain your transmission include:

  • Do not race
  • Have repairs done by our professionals
  • Wait till the engine is warm before driving
  • Come to complete stop when switching between forward and reverse

Our experts exclusively work on transmissions every day, honing their skill and expertise. We work promptly to safely return your vehicle as soon as possible. Speak to one of our representatives today at (414) 527-4040 to find out more.

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